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Just my pets

My puppy's name is BOB.

He is a german shepard and rottie mix.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

We got a new puppy!!!                                                     Her name is Nicki...                                                                                   She is a sweet dog. Can never be alone though. She cries when shes alone and when Bob is not around. She is a dalmation/terrier mix. We think....        

My Kittens name is Killer

The name was just a joke in the beginning because he was so small when I got him. Little did I know that he is really an attack cat. All he is does is attack everything. He even attacks the puppy. I have scratches all over my hands. One time he jumped up and bite my neck. I had to pull him off. It was bleeding a little. He is only 6 weeks old. But I love him...